Swivel Virtual Dressing Room

FaceCake Marketing Technologies, Inc.

Virtually Try-On products and receive personalized recommendations, online, mobile, and in-store

FaceCake Marketing Technologies, Inc. has created the world’s only Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing and shopping platform which is disrupting the global fashion and beauty industries. Our cross-category (apparel, jewelry, cosmetics, skin care, eyewear, home-décor) and cross-channel (online, in-store, mobile) platform allows consumers to virtually Find, Try, Share, and Buy products agnostic of time, device, or location. FaceCake’s platform helps solve enormous problems for consumers as well as brands and retailers. We are the only cross-category and multi-channel AR/AI shopping platform in existence. Our array of unique consumer products and solutions seamlessly integrate into any retail and advertising opportunity bringing in-store benefits to online and mobile and the online experience into the store. For consumers, it offers the ability to virtually Find, Try, Share, and Buy products where, when, and how they want to. For brands and retailers, it enables them to more effectively target and interact with consumers through an immersive and seamless experience. A robust suite of intellectual property and technology underlies FaceCake’s offering, ranging from proprietary image and pattern recognition that leverages Machine Learning (ML) and Computer Vision (CV) to ground-breaking and patent-protected user image transformations to a patented process that allows for marketing back to a user on their own images (photos, videos, and live video feed) enabling recommendations with unprecedented levels of personalization.