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AI-backed Full-Stack Conversations QA platform for contact centers

Convin is an AI-backed contact center software that uses conversation intelligence to record, transcribe, and analyze customer conversations. Convin supports omnichannel contact centers and performs quality audits across calls, chats, and emails. It is your one-stop solution to 3X your contact center performance by improving agent performance holistically, boosting customer experience, and increasing your contact center ROI.
  • The analysis is done on a custom scorecard defined by organizations that uncover agent performance insights. These insights reveal how agents can improve their calls and lead to better output, consequently, higher customer satisfaction.
  • Convin can then generate automated suggestions on how agents can improve through personalized coaching. This leads to an uptick in the quality of the conversations and better results for business & customers.
  • Every team level in the call center has a role-based dashboard. E.g., Agents have a separate dashboard where they can view their meetings, call analytics, coaching dashboard, and progress.
  • Convin offers customizable reports regarding call analytics which can be accessed in the Convin dashboard or sent out via email.
Language Support: The system can also analyze calls in English, Hindi, Spanish & 70 other languages.
Integrations: Convin integrates with your cloud telephony system/ dialer system/ video conferencing platforms to fetch/record all conversations & then analyze them.
The system supports both native and custom integrations. Any custom integration has a TAT of fewer than three days as the system is highly flexible.When and where can Convin be used?
Global call centers with high call volumes can easily use Convin's capabilities. Sales, Support, Collections, and Compliance are some of the common use cases.Outcomes: Transform your Contact Center
Convin improves agent performance, enhances customer experience, and increases conversions.
  • 100% Call QA
  • 100% Compliance Monitoring
  • Increase in CSAT - 27%
  • Increase in Sales - 21%
  • Increase in Collection Rate - 17%
  • Decrease in AHT - 56 Seconds
  • Decrease in Ramp-up time - 60%
  • Improve Promise to Pay - 50%

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