Logistia Route Planner


The easy way to generate optimal routes for your drivers

Logistia helps you be in control of your last-mile logistics. Access your routes from any device, anywhere. 
For business owners with their own fleet for delivery, Logistia considers the number of drivers, the number of addresses, start and stop addresses, driver schedule, car volume, and many other elements to help you create the best routes for you.
Drivers have access only to their assigned route, to start driving and closing orders for the day, from their own device. They will not need a printed paper with the routes anymore. 
With live tracking, you will have an overview of where your drivers are and how many orders they have left. 
Notify your customers about their ETA to ensure transparency, predictability, and have happy customers. 
Make today small digital changes to your business to bring joy, efficiency, and control. 

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