Flywheel Discovery

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Platform to index, identify, de-id, and export research cohorts from clinical imaging systems

Flywheel Discovery is a cohort discovery tool that provides a searchable, web-based data mining and analytics environment for indexing and cataloging your enterprise imaging archive. It interfaces directly with PACS and VNAs to index DICOM metadata, and can also connect to available HL7/FHIR interfaces to index radiology reports. This powerful tool creates a catalog of searchable data and enables streamlined discovery of patient cohorts and analysis of trends within the imaging enterprise.
  • Automatically index and archive every DICOM in the imaging archive, as well as data in radiology reports
  • Create dynamic search and analytics dashboards to support research cohort identification and retrieval
  • Enable data provisioning for research in an automated, streamlined workflow
  • De-identify clinical data to ensure regulatory compliance and data privacy

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