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Migrate data from AX2012 and AX2009 into Lasernet Vault365 for central storage

Whether you’re migrating data from your current solution (or even solutions) to Dynamics 365 or are upgrading from AX, it’s essential that only the data you need comes with you. Carrying dead wood is not only a pointless exercise, but over time the storage of that dead wood will become extremely expensive.

Imagine the data you no longer need has been moved safely by people in white gloves and locked away in a vault where you can supply a key to those who may need future access. All your required data has been placed in your shiny new ERP solution, where it will be enabling your organisation to reap the benefits of such a solution. Which is why you bought it in the first place.

Powered by Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a market leading Cloud based ERP solution. As Part of Microsoft’s Azure based 365 family of cloud solutions, the solution is quickly gaining the lion’s share of the market due to its rich function set, range of configuration and for being fully cloud based. Almost all Dynamics projects involve data and documents being migrated from an existing ERP, this can be a third-party system such as SAP or Oracle, but is more commonly an on-prem Microsoft system such as AX2009, AX2012 or Navision.

When you perform the migration, you will not need all of your content to be with you when you arrive at Dynamics 365. Some content only needs to be retained so the business can access and view it if and when required. This can be for a number of reasons:

  • The content is classed as legacy, it is not needed in a day to day system
  • The content doesn’t fit within the configuration of Dynamics 365
  • The cost implications of moving to Dynamics 365 is inhibitive.

Such content can prove problematic for an implementation project; it doesn’t fit in the migration plan but needs to be retained and controlled, so dealing with it can put the brakes on the project. If only someone could put it into a vault…

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