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FortressIQ is a process discovery platform that automatically maps & documents current processes.

FortressIQ is the leading computer-vision based process discovery platform. We combine computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automatically discover, map, model and document all processes and sub-tasks executed across the enterprise by an organization’s workforce. 

Combining the strength of FortressIQ and Microsoft Power Automate, organizations can quickly obtain details on their current state operations, easily pinpoint the most optimal areas for automation, and execute RPA and automation initiatives on the fly - with no/low coding required.  Together, FortressIQ and Power Automate provide customers the following benefits: 

  • Accelerated productivity – discover processes without business interruption to the workforce, allowing workers to focus on more strategic work
  • Automation at scale – efficiently scale RPA bots and automation workflows across the organization
  • Accuracy and security – easily implement intelligent workflows across apps without worry
  • Efficient, intelligent automation – automated business process discovery, documentation and workflows with the power of AI

Companies using FortressIQ and Power Automate can save significant time and money across the lifespan of their automation projects, and can start surfacing insights in weeks.

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