Gino CLM

Видавець: Gino-LegalTech

Gino, Contract Lifecycle Management (“CLM”) SaaS solution

This application is available in French

Description of the offer: Gino LT designs, develops and markets a SaaS solution for Contract Lifecyle Management (“CLM”), series of modules (robotization, production, negotiation, validation, e-signature, management, data) allowing 100 management % digital of any type of contractual or documentary process.

Document: deed, annex, contract, letter, email ...

Target: Professional

Sector: All


- Company: Large company (GE), Intermediate Size Company (ETI), Start-up

- Law Firms: Large Firm, Intermediate Size, Solo

- Administration: Ministries, Communities, EPIC

- Others


- Lawyers (Legal Department, Department): company lawyer, public sector lawyer, lawyer

- Non-Legal (Commercial, Marketing, Purchasing, CIO, ...): operational

Customer needs:

- manage the entire contractual process with a single intuitive tool

- increase operational efficiency

- reduce legal risks and those related to security, confidentiality and compliance

- capitalize on contractual know-how

- accelerate the recognition of revenues

- enhance data, with the extraction of clauses or data from third-party contracts by using machine learning / AI

Geographic area: All countries

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