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Enterprise Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) Software

SIRO is the GRC solution that allows you to manage risk, compliance, business continuity and audit processes in an integrated manner, fully adaptable and configurable.  Manage all your risks in real time with Management Solutions' GRC solution, in addition to the Business Continuity and Audit processes in a single tool.

 ·        RISK MANAGEMENT: It integrates all the necessary functionalities for risk management (advanced self-assessment, indicators and alerts, incident/event management, action plans, specific reporting and dashboards)

 ·        COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT: It allows to record the degree of compliance with rules and regulations by establishing controls and monitoring their level of risk, applying action plans

 ·        BUSINESS CONTINUITY MANAGEMENT: It allows the BIA analysis to establish the critical processes, and the testing of the IT contingency and business recovery plans in contingency situations, recording the problems found and establishing action plans

 ·        AUDIT: It allows the establishment of audit plans and the management of the work necessary for their execution, managing the groups of auditors, their follow-up, recording the findings and the recommendations and action plans necessary to correct the deficiencies.

 SIRO is an integral solution for the identification, evaluation and active management of Risks, Business Continuity and Audit based on the most advanced methodologies with the following characteristics: · Constant evolution, · Fully adaptable, · Integrated and modular system, · Complete traceability, · Holistic vision

 SIRO has implementations in multiple sectors, with different types and sizes of customers in different geographical areas: · Supervisors,

· Financial entities, ·  Assets management entities, · Insurance companies, ·  Gas/Electricity corporations

 Learn more: SIRO webpage

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