Healthy Heart - 12-Week Challenge

Healthper USA, Inc.

Plans and Pricing
This table provides the details about the plans and pricing
Essentials600pIncludes 600 members. Customized pricing over 600 members.$3,690.00/рік
Essentials50pIncludes 50 members.$690.00/рік
Essentials5000pIncludes 5000 members. Customized pricing over 5000 members.$25,000.00/рік
Essentials50000pIncludes 50000 members. Custom pricing above 50000 members.$75,000.00/рік
Essentials300pIncludes 300 members. $2,190.00/рік
Essentials25000pIncludes 25000 members. Custom pricing above 25000 members.$65,000.00/рік
Essentials100pIncludes 100 members. $1,190.00/рік
Essentials10000pIncludes 10,000 members. Custom pricing over 10,000 members.$45,000.00/рік