ERP Agro by Hispatec

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ERPagro by Hispatec, software for the complete management of agro-food companies

Hispatec ERPagro is a system that was developed by Hispatec, we are a Spanish company that has been working to provide farm businesses with management technology since 1985. Our technology is an integrated software specifically designed to be used by agrifood businesses.

ERPagro connects to remote data collection tools such as soil and plant sensors and digital pens to fully monitor field information. It is accessible using mobile applications to be able to work in real time from any out-of-office location.

ERPagro is a modular system that offers a global and comprehensive view of all of the information needed to manage a farm business.

Our solution is specialized solution used by more than 400 agrifood companies to comprehensively manage their business processes.

ERPagro includes a complete business intelligence system to manage accurate information on daily business operations and have a global perspective of all business processes (crops, procurement, packing, sales, logistics, accounting, finance, payroll, traceability, safety...) from a computer, smartphone or tablet in real time.

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