retail360 by HSO

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Gain a 360-degree view of your retail business. Any time, from any location.

Helping retail companies thrive in today's market
Built on the industry-leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud platform, retail360 is designed to meet industry challenges head-on, providing retailers with the agility to make demand-driven decisions that enhance operational efficiency and customer engagement.

Built for Retailers
retail360 extends the power of the Microsoft cloud platform with prebuilt industry solutions for your unique requirements. With AI-infused apps, deep data & analytics capabilities and modern workplace tools, you can harness the power of Microsoft to drive automation, real-time actionable insights and deliver results.

Solutions include:
• Business Insights
• Business Development
• Relationship Intelligence
• Customer Service
• Advanced Supply Chain Management
• Banking Automation
• Product Search
• Demand Driven MRP
• Retail Blueprint
• ESG & Sustainability

What makes retail360 unique?
Built on Microsoft’s proven and secure Azure cloud platform and Dynamics 365 platform, is a comprehensive supply chain resilient operations solution purpose-built for the retail sector. It helps modernize operations with intelligent automation, delivering real-time performance insights and improving service delivery to the customers. retail360 can help put your customers first with streamlined operations and data you can trust.

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