Icertis Sourcing Application

Icertis Inc

Streamline the source-to-contract process, ensure supplier compliance and minimize risk with Icertis

The Icertis approach: contract-centric sourcing

Today’s organizations are being asked to move faster than ever to source the materials needed by their companies. Under the current sourcing paradigm, the multi-step process of securing the right vendor is time-consuming, and can still expose a company to risk and leakage.

There is a better way: contract-centric sourcing. It can save millions in leakage and accelerate the buying process, while also improving relationships with vendors and optimizing supply chain performance.

Benefits of the Icertis Sourcing Application

Built on the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform, the Icertis Sourcing Application helps organizations to:

  • Create new opportunities for savings across sourcing categories
  • Improve performance and reliability with systemic risk
  • Boost productivity and improve user adoption with self-service contracting
  • Gain insights across multiple data sources with consolidated analytics
  • Increase the speed of the source-to-contract process – while driving compliance
Discover why the world’s most iconic brands, like Airbus, Daimler, Microsoft and Sanofi, trust Icertis to fully realize the intent of their combined 7.5 million+ contracts worth more than $1 trillion, in 40+ languages and 90+ countries.