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A one-stop platform with powerful accounting, financial management and reporting capabilities that always keeps you in control of your finance.

IDOS is a platform which processes accounting and financial transactions through automation of business logic and in parallel updates all ledgers, reports and financial statements connected with every transaction and also uses the data processed to prepare decision making reports and analysis in real-time, all of which currently is managed by combination of different software, human effort and dis-connected systems. Through automation IDOS even ensures accuracy, reliability and compliance in accounting process.

IDOS does not stop with just accounting and financial management. How it empowers the business with the data generated from accounting & financial management processes, is what makes IDOS very powerful. Accounting & financial data is what facilitates liquidity optimization for every business, be it discounting of bills, accessing loans from banks, optimizing working capital management, cost reduction strategies and also sales optimization strategies. IDOS empowers every business with liquidity optimization which it enables through automation of accounting and financial management, built on very powerful functional architecture and robust open source technologies.

Accounting & financial data forms the backbone for effectively managing liquidity optimization processes and strategies, which are like lubricants in the business management process. In the current business eco-system, the data for these activities, are collated through human effort and from completely dis-connected systems and manual processes and in many cases, the data is not real-time and either not accurate and / or compliant to requisite internal / external / tax rules and therefore these processes are prone to friction and are inefficient, time consuming and do not empower the business on timely basis.

IDOS platform provides seamless, integrated and powerful capabilities to empower every organization irrespective of its size or nature of business or geographical location, to first and foremost process every accounting & financial transaction and utilize the accounting and financial management data for liquidity optimization and thereby becomes the catalyst for growth and profitability of the business.

IDOS mission is to empower every organization with accurate, reliable, compliant and real-time accounting & financial data, similar to Google which empowers everyone with information and Microsoft which empowers everyone with productivity tools.

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