iSpring Learn LMS


iSpring Learn is a fully functional learning management system for organizing learning process.

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iSpring Learn helps companies organize, manage, and automate internal training. Businesses use it for onboarding new hires, training sales reps on new products, running compliance training, etc.
It allows you to assign courses by department or job title, to set up strict completion rules, provides comprehensive reports on employees’ performance, and offers other options that are specific to in-company training.
You can create a custom course catalog for each department so your learners see only the courses which are relevant to them. For example, you can create separate catalogs for sales reps and technical specialists. The default category of the catalog will still be available for all users.
iSpring Learn LMS has a dedicated place where you can store and manage downloadable files: instructions, cheat sheets, or lists that may come in handy or serve as reference docs for your learners. You can upload any DOC, XLS, PPT, and PDF file or a link there. You don’t have to assign these files; they are available to all learners under the Knowledge Base tab.
The new iSpring Learn LMS supports 11 languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Mongolian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.
Each user, from an admin to an ordinary learner, can select the language of their iSpring Learn account and access it in the most comfortable way.
Today, we want to introduce you to another iSpring Learn LMS update. It’s an important boost to Learning Tracks on mobile devices.
Now, your users can comfortably go through a sequenced training program on their smartphones and tablets. They can also save training modules to their devices and take courses later, even when offline.
Encourage your learners to download the latest versions of the iSpring Learn mobile app. It’s free!
As businesses around the world postpone and cancel in-person meetings in response to the coronavirus, workplace learning is emerging as one of the earliest and hardest-hit business activities. In response to this situation, we have collected an informative selection of articles that will help you organize remote employee training quickly and easily.

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