iWOrC - Intelligent Work Orchestration & Customer Engagement Platform

Видавець: IGT Solutions

iWOrC is a multi-channel digital customer engagement, intelligent workload orchestration tool.

-Automated or Manual task creation & allocation
-Customer engagement history
-Real-time Notifications/Personalized Reminders
-Analytical Dashboards & Reporting

Other features -

•Call Back and Reminder feature

Feature to create reminders for specific work-item or in general. Helpful as an on screen reminder for one off tasks and keeping customers updated.

Reminders appear every 15 minutes, allowing agents to either mark it complete or cancel as appropriate

•Omnichannel Integration with WhatsApp and chat

Seamless WhatsApp chat integration. Customers can chat using their WhatsApp account to get status of ticket and custom response from assigned agents. The conversation history is maintained in customer profile.

•Customer Profile Capture (CPC)

Capabilities to capture, search and management of customer profiles. The feature provides a consolidated view of customer engagement history across different channels such as mail, WhatsApp, IVR. It also allows agents to gather additional customer information include contact number, social media profiles.

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