CloudController Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

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Build, deploy and exploit fully-automated multi-tenant Private, Public, Hybrid or Multi clouds.

Introduction InContinuum Software develops innovative end-to-end management technologies to enable any organization with Private, Public, Hybrid or Multi Cloud computing environments to automate and control the design, configuration, delivery, use and management of cloud-based managed services. InContinuum’s management application – CloudController® – is an enterprise-grade Cloud Management Platform (CMP), a Cloud Automation Engine. Our CMP simplifies life for IT operations personnel who need to efficiently build and operate secure, automated compute services from any cloud resource providers, where ever they may be geographically located. Data center services, such as virtual and bare-metal servers, PaaS, Containers, virtual networks, [multi-tier] cloud-native application deployment and Cloud-to-Cloud migration are run as automated self-service cloud services from any on-premise or hyperscale Public Cloud resources. Our Vision for the Cloud Computing Market is: * 100% automation of Hybrid/Multi Cloud environments for creation, deployment and management of cloud services * Provide a bridge between back-office business processes & technology to maximize the flexibility of these choices * Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership and Operations CloudController: Automated Cloud Orchestration & Control The “special ingredient” of the CloudController platform is its unique Cloud Automation Engine™ (CAE). One can see this as a software ‘black box’ that automates all technical and business process workflows required for creation and deployment of automated cloud services from a unified Service Catalog as a single intertwined process, utilizing a single data model, with the obvious efficiency benefits. The web front-end of the CAE provides entry to the platform for six pre-defined account levels, each with a different role and responsibility in a cloud. These can be easily organized into unlimited 1-tier, 2-tier or 3-tier cloud service Supply Chains. Each account at all 6 levels avails over a very granular Role-based Access Control (RBAC) system to create Service Users with defined access permissions, security roles and audit capabilities. The seamless combination of these aspects of cloud management gives cloud service providers, telecom operators and private enterprises a compact powerful toolset for easily building a geographically dispersed hybrid cloud – and automating the creation, deployment and management of cloud services delivered from their cloud to their Service Users. Differentiating Technology that Simplifies Operations for both Cloud Administrators and their Service Users * A true ‘Single-Pane-of-Glass’ to create and manage any hybrid/multi-cloud infrastructure and the services upon it * Enables cloud owners to define replicable operations models and put their know-how into automated workflows * Empowers Service Users to automatically execute complex IT service processes via an intuitive interface

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