Onesait Intelligence

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Analytics Solution, Phygital, AI, ML, Use cases, Utilities

Our Onesait Intelligences (OI) is a powerful accelerator that uses Microsoft technology to exploit data from different data sources in a unified repository using new technologies, which allow detecting business events and making strategic decisions throughout the entire Utilities value chain. It enables monetize and forecast all impacts on Utilities business and receive AI advice for continuous improvement:
- Generate business value in a unified repository using AI, ML and IoT
- Minimize time-to-market of business analytics deployments with our expert implementation services
- More than 30 years of experience in Utilities with a deep knowledge in the business and with a highly qualified team of data engineers and scientists.

It allows a progressive start-up, where the client chooses how and where to apply intelligence in their business through the different customizable modules.

Specialized Use Cases:
1. Meter Data Analytics:
Forecasting: Forecast the key variables that drive the operation of business.
Clusterization: Capture the patterns of consumption of customers and the grid points
Measurement Analysis: Capture the impact in the performance of company activity and processes.
Anomalies: Manage key anomalies defined by the user.
2. Fraud Management: Calculate the probability that customers are committing fraud through advanced algorithms using customer, grid and metering data and other external sources (temperature, pressure, prices, …)
3. Debt Management: Monitor information about the status of non-payments and actions against them and analyze where and how to deal with this problem.
4. Overload Forecasting: Anticipate situations that endanger the supply of utilities, with a overload forecast in the different voltage levels of the grid.

Business Intelligence:
Holistic vision of your business performance through more than 200 predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and more than 30 predefined information models. It includes dashboards, reports, alarms, widgets and different components that can be fully customizable by the user.

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