PipeFusion: AI-powered Data Intelligence for water utility networks

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Cloud data and analytics for water supply and wastewater management

Unlocking the hidden value of water infrastructure data

Keywords: utilities, water supply and wastewater, SaaS, data analytics, asset management, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence

Better network data for a new generation of water management

InfoTiles connects, corrects and validates utility network data to 99%+ accuracy and in real-time from any data set or network device.

PipeFusion is a cloud data and analytics software and the heart of our water Data Intelligence Platform, delivering solutions to critical challenges in water supply and wastewater management. PipeFusion normalizes input regardless of the source. Be it an IoT-sensor, SCADA system(s), web or other software, allowing continuous real-time analysis and modelling. This enables you to process and visualise the information generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) with analytics and predictions, to make sense of data from sensors, open data sources, plants, systems and machines.

The InfoTiles platform delivers a wide range of device and enterprise system connectivity, industry applications, and advanced analytics. InfoTiles allows for extraction of further value from your current data while also opening possibilities of enhancing it through combination with new technologies. PipeFusion allows your data to be securely with certain departments, across the organization, or with external partners. Access are completely controlled through Single-Sign-On and Azure Active Directory.

Be confident in your water data without the team of experts

Reduce the time and costs of digital transformation
Reduce upfront and long-term investment costs usually associated with digital water operations. PipeFusion delivers accurate, always up-to-date access to your network data in days not months.
Improve collaboration and remote data management
Enhance remote management, stakeholder collaboration, and data-driven decision-making. With PipeFusion shared dashboards and network visualisation tools, teams have easy access to important data insights.
Reduce overhead in compliance and reporting
With an always accurate, up-to-date view of network conditions and easy to use reporting capabilities, PipeFusion simplifies regulatory compliance while helping reduce risk of fines or environmental damage.

Fast and secure with powerful features

Rapid and secure setup with any system
PipeFusion makes it simple to connect and analyse data from any device or data source, including legacy systems, and is securely deployed in a matter of days not weeks or more.
Real-time data connection and cleaning
With cloud integrations for any SCADA or IoT device data across the network, PipeFusion ensures that model and analytics dashboards always reflect real-time system conditions.
AI-powered data correction and validation
For data to be useful, it needs to be accurate. PipeFusion was built with the latest advances in AI machine learning in order to deliver the highest quality water data on the market.
No-code data visualisation and reporting
To be valuable, data must also be accessible. PipeFusion was designed to make it simple to visualise, model and share data insights, including from map, terrain, and time-series data.
Network monitoring and performance
Run asset monitoring, alerts and performance evaluation on the device, group, or zone-wide level, and analyse network conditions at any scale or resolution with PipeFusion's solution add-ons.

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