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Schools and teachers can now improve assignment, homework and study plan process for remote study. is a user-friendly Microsoft Teams App for creating study plan, attach a curriculum for each class and making the planning of homework and assignments easy - so schools can focus on educating students of the future. It improves student retention and avoids students being overburdened
IMPORTANT: You need to have an active subscription of and an Office 365 Education enabled tenant to use the app. Key Benefits

  • For schools: keeps the administrative tasks to a minimum throughout the school year, by connecting the study plan, curriculum, topics and assignments into one workflow.
  • For teachers: As a teacher you can easily create assignments, homework, and validate the individual study plan, to ease your administrative tasks so you can focus on teaching the students.

How your students can benefit from

When students work inside the Microsoft Teams App, they get a unified tool showing individual study plan, assignments, teachers’ feedback, grades and dialogue in
  • By integrating with Teams, students collaborate and learn from each other, and teachers save time by answering questions once.
  • With reminder notifications on upcoming deadlines, student hand-in percentages improve. Key Features

  • Provides a statistical dashboard, that lets you follow up on each class’s progress,
  • Is focused on security e.g. when a censor gets access to student data, they get a timed access link, so that they can only see the limited data they need and only for the time they need it – no more confidential information floating around in e-mails.
  • Can track assignment preparation- and scheduled lesson time so that they can plan and validate their teaching plan, this saves them time and effort.
  • Notifies teachers if they are about to schedule an assignment during a high workload period for the student – avoiding students being overburdened and improving students’ retention.

Click on ‘Get It Now’ for your school and teachers to focus on teaching the students, including 30-days free trial. is available in English, German and Danish language.

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