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Advertising cloud in-a-box custom built for Telcos

InMobi Ad-Cloud in-a-box


revolutionary in-a-box offering converging World's largest independent AD-TECH SUITE (DSP+CDP+SSP+Exchange) + DATA-CLOUD (1.6 Bn users) + MARTECH SUITE (Audiences, Attribution, Insights, Research) in-a-box

We help brands & agencies deploy a fully TURN-KEY Ad_Agency (Tech+people+Ops) - to understand, identify, engage and acquire consumers.


Key products:

  • InMobi AUDIENCES & TARGETING platform =  Reach the right target audience using InMobi personas, which is enriched with more than 100+ data signals, including technographic, demographic, location history and user intent which helps build high-confidence user profiles for precise targeting across InMobi's 1.6 Billion MAU across the world.
  • InMobi PULSE platform = World's largest Market Research (Programmatic) platform - get access to a Billion people unique users instantaneously - Discover the needs of your consumers & competitors
  • InMobi INSIGHTS platform = Combine direct feedback and unaided mobile data sources to connect with your consumers and act immediately.
  • InMobi DSP: Mobile In-App Performance Advertising Platform
  • InMobi EXCHANGE & SSP = The World’s largest open-garden supply network (SSP, Mediation stack & Exchange) with Header-bidding support & guaranteed ROI and transparency.
  • InMobi's marketing cloud solution is hosted on Microsoft's Azure 

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