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Launching Telco industry’s first End-to-End Ad-Cloud in a box for global Telcos & Mobile OEMs

Microsoft & InMobi are revolutionizing the TELCO & Mobile-OEM monetization ecosystem by presenting world's first Two-sided Telco AdCloud in-a-box (uniquely complied with Telco regulatory standards)
1. TELCOS can setup a fully in-housed managed E2E AdTech business to monetize Device, Users & Data like never before. All of this from a single pre-stitched cloud (zero upfront cost to Telco). InMobi can further run & monetize telco's demand & Supply system (as a MSP team) and pay revenues 'to' the Telco.
2. InMobi is already live with 1.4 Bn Mobile subscribers | 50 countries | e2e pre-built on Azure.
3. OEMs on the other hand can get a full-blown Device Monetization suite under their belt (at no upfront cost) run by InMobi, such that InMobi will monetize the solution on behalf of the OEM and pay revenues to the OEM
4. In markets where Telcos additionally control the distribution of mobile phones (like USA, parts of EU, ANZ, MEA etc), both 2 & 3 can be combined on a single contract and signed with the Telco.
5. InMobi's Telco solutions are uniquely complied with FCC, FTC & DOJ (& fully support CCPA, COPA & GDPR as well).

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