Soteria Teams Compliance


Microsoft 365 Certified

Compliant Microsoft Teams Recording of Voice & Video including Desktop sharing and IM.

Soteria Compliant Recording for Microsoft Teams

Secure, compliant communications are essential to the professionalism and productivity of corporate business. To meet business and/or regulatory monitoring obligations, business compliance teams must ensure they are able to capture and monitor Microsoft Teams communication in a timely, effective and secure manner.
Insightful Technology offers a portfolio of compliance solutions that address the corporate need to improve business performance, increase operational efficiency and ensure compliance.
Fully managed, modular, and scalable, SOTERIA is a leading holistic communication recording, analysis, and surveillance SaaS solution that enables businesses to compliantly capture, cleanse, store and surveil any type of audio, video or electronic business communication, or structured data such as market or trade information. Soteria includes Microsoft Teams capture or recording of your audio and video calls, IM/Chat, Screen sharing and file transfer. Additionally, its in-built immutable ledger verifies the integrity and completeness of records and provides full user and system audit trails.
The speed with which SOTERIA’s call recording can be implemented makes it ideal for extending compliance and/or surveillance capabilities to a communications platform like Microsoft Teams. With the proper tools in place, firms can operate confidently knowing that new methods of collaborating through Microsoft Teams are captured appropriately.

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