SenseR Video Analytics Solution

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SenseR - Video Analytics Solution

SenseR analyses In-store CCTV systems to extract shopper activity data and gives companies insightful retail analytics. It enables you to know how your customer feels about your products, outlets and representatives.

It helps you Identify engagement durations, interest levels, store journey and customer demographics, without actually doing any survey or research and just analytics from the video feed. It also helps you to record customer emotions, revisits, purchasing patterns and insights.

Benefit from Holistic heat-maps of the shopper flow provided by SenseR to indicate your store’s utilisation. You will be able to discover new layout plans in order to sensibly drive shopper flow.

As you will have the complete knowledge of category penetration rates, you can even correlate your merchandising strategies with inventory levels and product discounts.

Align your resources with the shopper demand. Our solution provides all insights you need to improve your daily retailing operations like staffing, reception and queue optimisation

SenseR is a plug & play solution that allows you to obtain valuable insights in a cost-effective way.

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