EHSQ Management System

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Integrated Environment, Health, Safety and Quality Management Software System.

Intelex is the world’s leading Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) Management software. Intelex’s scalable online platform is designed to store, manage and analyze incidents data in one place. The solution works on mobile, tablets and desktops to meet the realities of your workplace.

With the full Intelex EHSQ Management platform, your organization can:

  • Drive better results in your EHSQ program by monitoring workflows to achieve top performance and gain control.
  • Identify trends and tendencies by setting goals to gain greater insight into your EHSQ program to enhance judgement.
  • Reduce incidents and administrative work by easily monitoring, managing, optimizing and drawing insights from your safety data with our user-friendly safety software solution.
  • Streamline air, water and waste emissions management and reporting, and track and manage environmental outputs to achieve sustainability goals.
  • Drive continuous quality improvement activities by easily recording and tracking all nonconformances through a centralized web-based database. Examine trends across multiple departments, sites or locations.


Intelex can help your organization manage compliance with international standards and regulations such as: OSHA, WCB, ISO 45001, EPA, ISO 14001, CEPA, ISO 9001 and more.

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