Alarm Analysis

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Drill down reports and detailed analysis, quick identification of bad actors and other problem areas

Alarm Systems form an essential part of the operator interfaces to large modern industrial facilities. They provide vital support to the operators by warning them of situations that need their attention.

Steps to successful Alarm Management:

  • Create an Alarm Philosophy - Defines everything about the Alarm System
  • Benchmark Alarm Performance - If you can't measure it, you can't manage it
  • Alarm System Auditing - An interview plant personnel, collate data, recommend improvements
  • Resolve Bad Actors - Analyse and diagnose problem alarms
  • Alarm Rationalisation - Systematic review and documentation of alarms in the DCS system with the objective of optimising quantity and quality
  • Management of Change - Procedures in place to ensure DCS alarm settings are only changed with proper authority and documentation
  • Control & Maintain Alarm System Performance - Long term monitoring to ensure new projects, decommissioned equipment, and natural degradation does not erode achieved improvements

Alarm Analysis links to your alarm collectors and provides an enterprise-wide set of KPIs and analyses compliant with EEMUA 191 Rev 3. Several sets of bad actor types are identified and detailed tag analyses then allow individual bad actors to be quickly evaluated and their problems addressed. The single, consolidated, enterprise database will also store alert and event information from other corporate applications.

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