Gestalt Trend

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Look at multiple views of your real-time data for in-depth analysis.

Gestalt Trend is an advanced data-visualisation tool that allows you to switch between multiple views for in-depth analysis.

Share your analysis and collaborate with colleagues via small drag-and-drop files, allowing them to fully interact with your trend.

Get key information to key workers with real-time data access on your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Analyse your data in multiple ways

  • Trends - Shows a tags value on a traditional x-axis time scale. Observe movement in analogue process values. Trends can be normalized to sit on the same y-axis, stacked or presented with multiple axis.
  • Parallel Co-ordinate Plots (PCP) - Presents a tags value as a dimension where the connecting lines are a moment in time. This exposes correlations between values.
  • Fast Fourier Transform Analysis (FFT) - Shows frequencies in data and can be helpful to find the cause of oscillations in a process by identifying tags that have variations at the same frequency or to highlight repeating patterns that might not be obvious on a trend.
  • Histograms - Shows the distribution of values for tags - this can help when assessing limits for alerts/alarms.
  • Limits - Allows you to view and set the limits of all tags in value format.
  • XY Scatter Plots - Equipment performance can be quickly analysed with an x-y scatter of key variables. Instances of the equipment operating out of spec can be selected, switching back to a trend view can show when this happened in time.
  • Cross Correlation Graph - Shows how a tag varies in relation to another over time. E.g., If a pressure takes 2 minutes to affect another pressure, then a peak will be shown at 2 minutes on the scale.
  • Cross Correlation Matrix - Identifies the relationship between tags - whether they directly correlate, inversely correlate, or have little to no correlation.
  • Calm Waters - An efficient way of showing deviations from normal for hundreds of points simultaneously.

What makes us unique?

  • Intelligent Plant has a data connectivity tool that allows our apps to access data directly from site. We do not need to store your data - your data remains in your control.
  • We can connect to a variety of different historians and data types. Contact to discuss your set up with us. We'll confirm whether we are able to connect.

About Intelligent Plant

Intelligent Plant are a Scottish software company, founded in 2006. We specialise in the acquisition, visualisation, and analysis of industrial data. We are providers of the Industrial App Store which contains numerous application designed to help users enhance their understanding of plant processes, and achieve optimisation of assets.

More info can be found on the Industrial App Store.

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