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IAS enables Microsoft powerful analytics to be applied to real-time and historical process data

Create flows in Power Automate with your real-time process and Alarm & Event data, straight from you plant's data historian.

Key Features

  • Intelligent Plant's Industrial Automator enables Microsoft’s powerful analytics and visualizations to be applied to real-time and historical process data.
  • Seamlessly integrate plant and corporate data and share with any colleague on any device, enabling faster, better, real-time decision making.
  • The Industrial Automator connects to Intelligent Plant’s Industrial App Store, while all data remains securely and safely on-premises.
The plant data may be centralized in a corporate data lake or globally dispersed across many sites and historians. Either way, Industrial App Store Industrial Automator brings it all together and delivers to your fingertips.

What makes us unique?

  • Intelligent Plant has a data connectivity tool that allows our apps to access data directly from site. We do not need to store your data - your data remains in your control.
  • We can connect to a variety of different historians and data types. Contact to discuss your set up with us. We'll confirm whether we are able to connect.

About Intelligent Plant

Intelligent Plant are a Scottish software company, founded in 2006. We specialise in the acquisition, visualisation, and analysis of industrial data. We are providers of the Industrial App Store which contains numerous application designed to help users enhance their understanding of plant processes, and achieve optimisation of assets.

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