Видавець: Jasperactive

Jasperactive is the world’s first Kinesthetic learning platform for Microsoft Office.

How do we measure and improve computing productivity that prepares learners for certification; college and the workforce, with the necessary future-ready skills?

With Microsoft Office being one of the top 5 skills required for jobs today, the question isn’t “do I need these skills” but “who doesn’t need these skills?”

Jasperactive is the world’s first kinesthetic learning platform that measures one’s understanding of Microsoft Office desktop applications and prescribes a personalized learning pathway to help people be more effective in applying leading workplace applications. The Jasperactive hands-on, applied learning approach ensures learners remain engaged in their education; enhance their employability skills, and improve their technical readiness for careers and further studies. Empowering people with Future-Ready digital skills is a key priority for governments around the world as they define the future relevance and competitiveness of their country or region.
With Technology contributing significantly to a globalized, competitive, economic market, the capabilities it brings for innovation, agility, and democratization of opportunity are key drivers of economic growth and prosperity.

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