Atlas Planning Platform

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The supply chain planning platform trusted by innovative companies around the world.

The Atlas Planning Platform is a SaaS solution to connect and orchestrate the end-to-end supply chain to make smart, fast and confident supply chain decisions. Atlas builds intelligent, agile digital supply chains to transform your demand, inventory and supply planning, collaborative S&OP, production planning, deliver, and beyond.

Your supply chain is complex. Customers are demanding. You need strength in planning.

Whether you're stuck in spreadsheets or further along in your digital supply chain journey, Atlas helps you create the right strategy wherever you are in your transformation.

Focused on quickly delivering tangible business outcomes, John Galt Solutions brings to you a rich history of innovation in supply chain planning, advances in machine learning and AI, and unmatched customer service to continuously help you make better, faster and more confident decisions.

Atlas Innovation Across Supply Chain Planning

  • S&OP/IBP: Transform your fractured sales and operations planning efforts into a single, unified process that links short-term tactical decision-making to long-term strategic planning.
  • Demand Planning: Real-time continuous planning to sense, shape and satisfy demand. With Atlas, you turn demand into a strategy for growth.
  • Supply Planning: Synchronize your resources with constraints to satisfy demand and put 100% of your production power to work.
  • Inventory Planning: Apply intelligence to your inventory to raise service levels and free working capital.
  • Deliver: Link planning and execution on a single platform to convert orders into intelligent shipments.
  • Schedule: Harness the full potential of variable plant resources, materials and capacity to create efficiency out of complexity and streamline production schedules to maximize throughput.

Transform Your Supply Chain

The Atlas Planning Platform revolutionizes your ability to make smart and fast supply chain decisions with confidence. It's a single, AI-driven Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that connects and orchestrates your entire supply chain so you are always in sync. Build your intelligent, agile digital supply chain and begin wherever you want – from demand planning, supply planning, collaborative S&OP, production planning and beyond.

No matter how complex your multi-enterprise network is, Atlas takes away the guesswork and puts you in charge to shape new opportunities, reduce risk and drive business value.

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