Customer Portal

Видавець: KAISPE LLC

Portal for customers to monitor product availability, place order digitally and track dispatches

Empower your customers by offering order management, shipment tracking, product documentation and much more! KAISPE Customer Portal helps your customers getting the information when they need it, deliver exceptional customer experiences by strengthening the collaboration with them, reduce your sales team effort by avoiding repetitive tasks they typically do for customers and integrate with any back-office ERP or CRM application, so you have an end-to-end experience.


  • Order Management - Allow customers to create, monitor, and track orders through the customer portal
  • Save Money and Reduce Manual Workload by automating internal processes
  • eCommerce Capabilities, including end-to-end shopping cart functionality
  • Facilitate customer self-service by giving them 24/7 access to their data via a self-serve customer portal that can be accessed from any device
  • Provide Improved Customer Service and Professional Customer Engagement
  • Easy-to-use System allows you to modify and manage the Portal on your own
  • Integration with any back-office ERP or CRM application, so you have an end-to-end experience
  • Pay invoices online with a variety of remittance types, including Stripe, Credit cards
  • See all their transactions with you in one glance
  • Easily access quotes and other account information as well as see all prior and upcoming payments
  • Display orders, invoices, credit memo and payment history online and allow payments on existing invoices
  • Save time and money by giving your customers direct access to the information they need, so you don't have to manually answer every request via phone or email

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