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Online learning platform with high quality Arabic content tailored for busy professsionals

This unique platform offers a wide variety of on-demand classes and educational resources tailored exclusively to busy professionals.

Our library of courses and learning resources can help your employees gain the most desired skills including business, finance, leadership, and other areas. Our classes are taught by industry experts in short ‘bites’ that make learning fun and digestible. Best of all, our classes are available through our online platform, so your staff can learn at their own pace and convenience, at any place and any time.

Some of the benefits of utilizing are:
• Access to a variety of classes suited to a wide range of levels and skillsets, allowing employees to fulfill continuing education requirements and keep their skills up to date.
• Cost savings. Your corporate membership is a great value to your organization and a cost-effective solution when compared to in-person classes or bringing in instructors for workshops.
• Effective, ongoing training. Employees can learn at their own pace. Students learning on an online environment have been proven to have higher retention rates than methods.
• Measurable learning. Follow your employee progress and course completion.

Our website and mobile apps offer navigation in English and Arabic. We would love to hear about the unique challenges and needs of your organization. Contact us to set up a free trial or personalized consultation.

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