KMD Elements

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KMD Elements is an international customer information system and settlement & billing platform

KMD Elements is a modern Customer information system and Settlement & Billing platform designed to meet the increasing complexity in the energy market. The solution is developed with the energy and utility market as foundation, and is designed to cover business processes related to customer service, settlements and billing for various different roles in the energy and utility market. The solution is built to work across national borders and supports multiple languages, time zones and currencies.

Built to automate

KMD Elements is built to automate and support complex processes through a highly flexible configuration of objects, products and contracts, and an advanced formula engine to calculate on increasing amounts of time series data. It is possible to further automate processes through integrations by using the system’s well-documented REST APIs. Core processes can be mass-handled directly through the UI or through APIs ensuring effective process handling.

Data-driven decision making

KMD Elements has multiple role-based and data-driven dashboards to present users with relevant information at the right time. Processes are defined by an intricate rule-building component clearly defining when items deviate from the main process flow. Process deviations are handled through process centers where users are presented with relevant data and direct links to bring the item back on track. This enables users to take on a more verifying role by focusing on the things that go wrong instead of focusing on the things that run automatically.

Customer-centric and user-friendly

The customer is at the center of KMD Elements. The UI gives overviews where necessary and relevant, and customer overviews can be tailored to fit the specific user and role in the system. The customer is the overarching object in the data model linking together all the other objects. Business documents can be flexibly configured through templates and event-based communication flows can be created around these business document templates.

Modular API-based architecture

The system is delivered as API-based modules and can thus be customized to fit into a multitude of different system landscapes through integrations. The modules in KMD Elements work independently and can be deployed accordingly.

Delivery method

KMD Elements is a cloud-solution on Microsoft Azure delivered to clients as Software as a Service (SaaS). This brings down the cost of maintenance and updates, and gives full transparency on present and future costs related to the system.

KMD Elements white paper

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