Kweevo Supply Chain

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Kweevo is an AI-Powered Supply Chain & Carbon Intelligence Platform for businesses.

Kweevo is an AI-Powered Supply Chain & Carbon Intelligence Platform designed for Manufacturers experiencing three main challenges:

1. Supply chain disruptions, with ongoing pressure to reduce inefficiencies and costs;

2. Lack of digitalisation and visibility;

3. Transition from linear to circular supply chains.

Our platform hosts a suite of innovative and automated data apps generating Supply Chain and Carbon Intelligence, and helping businesses digitalise, visualise, analyse, optimise and decarbonise their supply chains.

Our solutions drive cost and inefficiencies reduction across the supply chain while minimising carbon footprint.

Kweevo’s data apps are innovative. They are uniquely and exclusively developed with Python Programming Language, Data Science and Machine Learning to generate intelligence, allowing data-driven decision-making and unlocking supply chain productivity.

Our value proposition resides in providing solutions across three high-value domains:

  • AI
  • Supply Chain
  • Sustainability

We uniquely combine supply chain and carbon analytics to help companies drive more visible, optimised and sustainable supply chains. We also simplify data integration via embedded API connections to accelerate insight generation. Our platform enables data democratisation as it was built with business users in mind and requires minimal technical skills.

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