Learn It Live - Population Health and Wellness

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Provide Employees and Subscribers Access to 1000s of Live and On-Demand Wellness Classes

Learn It Live is a complete health wellness learning platform for a company's HR/benefits department, health-focused organizations, insurance companies, and content distribution networks to leverage for their members.
For example, Learn It Live is integrated into 100s of public and private libraries around the globe for their members to attend online classes for free. Additionally, large hospital systems use Learn It Live to provide free and paid health classes to their employees and community.

Specifically, health, wellness, and productivity experts lead a regular series of live classes and webinars so members can attend and interact regardless of their location from any device. Members can attend 1000s of online classes on topics such as financial wellness, mindfulness, stress reduction, fitness, diabetes, sleep, weight loss, and much more! The sessions are all recorded and available on-demand after the live session ends.

There are evaluations, reviews, and a variety of ways members interact within the platform to increase engagement and knowledge retention. The platform is white-labeled for clients and company administrators can get all interaction and attendance details through a private admin panel.

Engage employees, generate revenue, and provide additional subscriber value for a competitive edge!

For more information, including images and screen captured videos of the platform, check out our 3min video attached to this offer or accessible directly at

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