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LendFoundry has digitized the end-to-end loan origination and loan management process, allowing lenders to approve, disburse, and manage loans quickly and easily.

Our scalable, flexible, robust, and affordable full-stack technology platform empowers lenders to reduce their time to market, service their customers, and monitor their loan portfolios, all while reducing risk and maintaining compliance.

In fact, our customers have experienced some jaw-dropping successes when they’ve moved their loan operations to LendFoundry:
80%+ decrease in turnaround time for loan closures (24 hours vs 5 ~12 days)
10-12% increase in conversion rates & thus improved ROI on marketing spend
40% savings in cost of managing operations (underwriting, sales, support)

In addition, LendFoundry integrates with 50+ third-party providers, such as ADP, DocuSign, multiple email service providers, and the three major credit unions through independent micro-services that were built to be accessed easily via API.

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