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The leading solution in France to secure your business email

Mailinblack is the leading solution in France to protect your business and your employees from new threats by email: malware, phishing, ransomware, spam, etc. Opt for security at your fingertips and convenience on a day-to-day basis!


The power of Mailinblack technologies

Its technological innovations and proven levels of protection make it possible to effectively secure your business email. Viruses are eliminated, spam is blocked and automatic newsletter emails are sorted. Unlike a traditional anti-spam system, Mailinblack complements its technological base by integrating Human Captcha technology, a higher level of security based on the principle of human authentication by captcha. The ultimate defence, ensuring maximum security for your email service and your data.

How it works

When a sender contacts you for the first time, if they are not on your whitelist and their email is not a risk for your company, an authentication request is sent to them. Simple and fast for the sender, authentication is only needed once. The sender automatically joins your whitelist and communicates with you seamlessly. The system is the ultimate defence against spammers.

The Mailinblack advantage

Thanks to the authentication request, your exchanges are secure and your links with your correspondents strengthened, while guaranteeing your reputation!

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