Makers Empire 3D Design and Print Learning Program - COVID-19 extended trial

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Makers Empire 3D Design and Printing Learning Program for Primary/Elementary Schools

Teach Design Thinking, STEM and 21st century learning skills with 3D printing and 3D design.

Makers Empire helps elementary, primary and middle school student educators harness the power of 3D printing and design to transform classroom learning.

  With Makers Empire, students learn how to solve real-world problems using Design Thinking; STEM subjects become engaging and fun and every student can succeed at their own level and pace thanks to our differentiated learning approach.   Our solutions for schools -- Makers Empire School Subscription --  includes everything educators need to succeed with 3D printing including:
  • Easy to use 3D design software with built-in video tutorials, challenges, competitions and make-your-own missions
  • Professional development for teachers on maker pedagogy and Design Thinking
  • Over 150 lesson plans aligned to Australian, American and international standards
  • Class management tool and built-in student assessment
  • Training and resources including a school implementation plan
  • Ongoing support
Makers Empire also offers custom packages for school districts and and education departments. With multi-school programs, Makers Empire and its partners can deliver significant, systemic change and help equip K-8 students with the skills and attitudes they’ll need to not only survive but thrive in the future.    For example, our Learning By Design course was recently the focus of a 12-month Macquarie University study into primary school makerspaces and the findings regarding student learning and teacher transformation are compelling.   Makers Empire has worked with thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of students in Australia, America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Recent large-scale projects we've been part of include: To learn more visit Makers Empire.

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