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Save time and motivation with the Tactileo experience! Interact and learn anywhere anytime

This application is available only in French, Tactileo is a digital learning platform for primary, secondary education, and for any person who wants learn, designed by and for teachers. Find a 4 in 1 tool giving access to a resource bank, creating content, sharing learning paths and evaluating activities. It offers the possibility to access thousands of educational resources (courses, modules, images, videos, 3D objects ...), but also to create modules and interactive courses with elements of information, evaluation, survey. Tactileo makes it possible to share its educational contents in class or remotely, in connected mode or not, and from any support (smartphone, tablet, computer ...), while allowing to follow and to consult the progression and the pupils' results in real time or deferred.

The strong points of the platform:
- Intuitiveness and instantaneity: creation and sharing of content with ease (classic sharing, email, QR code, social networks ...)
- Optimized search engine: possibility to search modules and courses by disciplines, levels, skills, and to refine its query by keywords
- Multi-support: contents accessible on all terminals: computer, tablet, smartphone
- Data security: protected data thanks to secure hosting on Microsoft Azure, and servers protected by the most sophisticated security tools
- Full web - Cloud and SaaS: an express deployment and a free use of any technical constraint
- Resource pool: thousands of Maskott resources and our partners accessible in a few clicks (courses, modules, images, videos, 3D objects ...)
- Reporting and statistics: simple and visual analysis of students' performances, and individualization of courses
- Collaborative: liberation of knowledge sharing and mobilization of collective intelligence
- Evolutive: An R & D team dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement of the platform
- Storage space: storage and file sharing between student and teacher
- Disconnected mode: possibility to access online training but also without internet connection
- Participatory: stimulation of student creativity, contribution to exchanges and commitment of each

The platform offers multiple uses: inverted class, customization of learning paths, download of modules and results, gamification, positioning test, end-of-cycle evaluation ...
Powerful and above all intuitive, it helps to increase trainees' commitment by individualizing and learning the learning paths. The Tactileo experience saves time, motivates, facilitates interactions and allows you to learn everywhere, all the time with innovative tools.

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