Mavim App & Application Lifecycle Management Solution

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Manage the business usage, technical implementation and cost effectiveness of your IT application

Governance on IT assets

More than ever organizations are overwhelmed with the amount of apps and applications that are being used throughout the organization. From an IT & Security point of view organizations need a single source of truth on:

  • What are the tools, applications and cloud services that are being used in the organization

  • How much do these applications cost to operate & maintain

  • How is security dealt with in these applications and what data is being processed.

Application Lifecycle Management combined with Business Process Management

Application Lifecycle Management is not just and IT & Security practice. From a business point of view it is just as important to have insights what apps & applications are being used to execute the end-to-end processes in the organization. Avoid that business users are buying or creating new apps and services while there are already apps in place for executing their processes.

This is what the Mavim App & Application Lifecycle Management Solution brings. As being part of the Mavim Business Process Management suite all apps & applications managed in Mavim can be related to the processes they are used in. This automatically creates bi-directional links so linking a process to an application also makes the application visible on the process.

Integration with the Microsoft Power Platform

Getting the Mavim apps & applications repository filled and keeping it up to date is managed by the Mavim API and Power Automate flows. Bulk import from various CMDB tools can be configured. Power Apps & Power Automate Solutions created in the Power Platform can automatically be detected and added to the Mavim ALM solution.

Lifecycle management

Keeping the apps & application data up to date is done by sending out periodically assessment forms. Application owners are being asked to assess the business usage and technical fitness of the applications.

Reporting & Power BI dashboards

Reports provide overviews on the data in the apps & application Mavim Repository. These Mavim reports can directly be used as a source in Power BI. Making it possible to create your own ALM dashboards!

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