Asset Tracking

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Optimizing the use of returnable and reusable shipping assets

An end-to-end tracking platform, Mesh Systems' Asset Tracking solution helps organizations with large shipping operations track, monitor, and recover shipping assets such as pallets, totes, containers, bins, and racks. The investment in these assets can be substantial and losing track of them or having to routinely replace them because of shrinkage can be costly.

The Mesh Systems’ Asset Tracking solution tags each asset, using a low-cost Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon, then creates a BLE mesh to track each asset when it leaves or enters a shipping facility. The tags can be purpose-built or purchased off-the-shelf to satisfy differing demands of tag size, range of communication, battery life, and environmental conditions (like moisture or temperature).

By leveraging standards-based BLE, the Mesh Systems provisioning and micro-locator app can be used to set up disparate asset tags and onboard them to the system, while also aids in locating assets in real-time. The associated Power BI dashboards provide visibility into the breadth of monitoring assets, their use, location, and whether they’re overdue to be returned. Additionally, the generated insights and reports can be exported to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution or asset management system, which enables shippers to optimize asset recovery, and therefore reduce losses.

Low cost: Easily and affordably track reusable/returnable shipping containers, using widely available off-the-shelf assets tags (i.e. Google Eddystone, beacon format). Then use beacons, BLE mesh and cellular cloud connectivity to continually track and monitor assets

Increases visibility: Provides persistent visibility and tracking of assets that are in use, where they’re located and whether they’re overdue to be returned. Also provides optional exception-based alerts to improve awareness of potential issues

Reduces operating costs: Ensures shipping assets are available to meet shipping needs, optimizes asset recovery, and makes it faster to find misplaced or stolen assets

Complements supply chain processes: Includes proprietary workflow auditing software that strengthens decision making around asset utilization and field service. Additionally, it supports exporting data and integrating with ERP or an asset management system.

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