Smart Retail: Marketplace Platform as a Service

Видавець: Meylah Corporation

Enabling Smart Retail Experience for Local Economic Development with Marketplace Platform

The next wave for local economic development will happen through e-commerce marketplaces.

Digital transformation of businesses is crucial for Local Economic Development in the 21st century.

Meylah Smart Retail Marketplace Platform enables digital transformation of local businesses and creates economic growth for local and state economies.

Marketplace Platform Benefits Include:

  1. Unlock Your Untapped Digital Commerce to accelerate economic growth
  2. Foster local economic vitality by supporting local brands
  3. Provide convenience and trust for your local and global citizens 

Features Include:
  1. Universal Cart
  2. Curated Businesses and Products
  3. Built-In Marketing Engine
  4. Built-In Analytics
  5. Enable all digital business models to create revenue streams
  6. Launch within 4 weeks

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