Plan.UseWise(TM): Efficient Cost Center Planning

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Better organize & automate cost center planning process with this SaaS solution for Microsoft 365

Plan.UseWise(TM) enables organizations to collaboratively plan, budget, forecast, and report on their costs across various cost centers within the organization using existing Microsoft 365 licenses. This cloud-based solution gives users the flexibility to access the app and manage planning and budgeting at anytime and anywhere with online access to dashboard and spreadsheets.

Key features and benefits of Plan.UseWise(TM):

  • provides a centralized solution managed by finance teams for department heads, and other stakeholders to work together to set financial goals.
  • allows multiple stakeholders to work together on creating and managing the budget and forecast for each cost center. They can also share insights, comments, and feedback to improve the accuracy of the financial plan.
  • automate data collection from various sources such as ERPs, financial systems, and spreadsheets, reducing manual effort and errors.
  • security features ensure data privacy and confidentiality. Access control is managed by the finance team for different users based on their level of authorization.
  • real-time data analysis and reporting.

Why choose Plan.UseWise(TM)?

  • Efficient Cost Center Planning
  • Empowering Controlling
  • Business needs determine when and how to plan
  • Fast and simple implementation

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