Private 5G powered by Microland Network Assurance Platform (NAP)

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Microland Private 5G Solution Powered by Network Assurance Platform (NAP)

With over three decades of expertise in designing, building, and managing network infrastructure for global firms, Microland's end-to-end private 5G services enable enterprises to identify, design, deploy, and manage solutions for edge connectivity and transform their end-to-end industrial operations.

Private 5G networks typically involve cloud-native lightweight components to realize business solutions and unlock new revenue streams. They are wireless networks based on cellular technology that have low latency, high reliability, bandwidth, and density, providing complete network control within the enterprise while ensuring a high level of security, including data protection.

Private 5G at Microland

Microsoft and Microland bring rich experience of the solutions to enable customers to deploy Private 5G networks for industry needs. Microland's Private 5G Services, powered by Azure Private 5G Core and Azure Stack Edge, help enterprises accelerate digitalization, drive efficiencies, and improve user experience across multiple industry verticals, including Manufacturing, Mining, Energy and Utilities, Healthcare, and Retail.

Furthermore, Microland’s Private 5G services with Azure 5G Core are enhanced by Microland’s Network Assurance Platform (NAP), a home-grown platform-built ground up exclusively for infrastructure services that can support a customer throughout the lifecycle from consulting, assessment, and transformation to managed services. Microland’s private 5G offering rides on the rich feature set of NAP for the seamless rollout of wireless networks.

Our Consulting-led Approach

Microland can assist customers at each stage of the journey, including discovery, planning, design, implementation, execution, management, and support, to help you expedite the adoption of Private 5G.

Our specialists will collaborate with you in phases to strategize, prioritize, and roadmap deployment possibilities, analyze scale, evaluate critical use cases relevant to your business needs, and appropriately size our solution capabilities to your technology requirements.

Key Use Cases across Industry Verticals

Potential use cases for the private 5G network, across manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation:

· Remote operation of heavy machinery

· Digital Field Workforce

· Interactive Learning

· Geo-Fencing for Asset Management

· Repair and Maintenance with VR Glass

· Remote Equipment Monitoring

· Real-time Inventory Management

· Remote Health Monitoring and Assisted Surgery

Business Benefits

The return on investment (ROI) for private 5G implementations varies depending on the use cases and the complexity of the deployment along with capacity. However, in general, a private 5G network offers several benefits that can lead to a positive ROI:

· Increased efficiency and productivity: Private 5G networks provide faster and more reliable connectivity than traditional cellular and wireless networks, which can help companies improve the performance of their operations and reduce downtime.

· Reduced costs: By deploying a private 5G network, companies can reduce their reliance on expensive leased lines and other connectivity solutions, which can result in significant cost savings.

· New revenue streams: A private 5G network also enables companies to launch new services and applications that were not previously possible, such as IoT-based solutions, which opens up new revenue streams.

Competitive Advantage: Using a private 5G network can allow companies to have better control over their network and data which can give them a competitive advantage over others.

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