QuEST Asset Tracking and Monitoring

QuEST Global Digital

Enabling business owners to manage their inventories by monitoring in/outdoor assets in real time.

Many business assets and products are not connected, hence the product visibility across the supply chains are low or non existent in certain businesses due to lack of monitoring. However, customers continually expect a greater value from the assets and products, hence misplaced equipment or products results in wastefulness and inefficiency. Hence, the QuEST Asset Management platform helps optimize operations for businesses by better managing their operational assets, engages customers to improve the safety and performance or their purchased products, and finally helps empower operational efficiency with use cases such as Predictive maintenance powered visa asset monitoring.

The key features of this solution includes the following:

    • Full solution package–hardware & software
    • Ready reference implementation
    • Demo Kit available
    • Supports variety of sensors and gateways
    • Powered by Microsoft Azure
    • Mobile and Web App for stakeholders
    • Get information from each sensor
    • Determine measurement intervals
    • Select alert parameters
    • Customization for multiple scenarios/ use cases:
          • Asset Management & Compliance
          • Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance
          • Environmental Monitoring
          • Person Tracking