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end-to-end ecommerce product customization

Artifi Labs understands what it takes to ensure what customers see is what they get. Utilizing features like live pricing and multiple templates provides scale and efficiency for B2B product customization. With years of B2B experience serving multiple organizations, Artifi Labs understands what it takes to ensure what customers see is what they get.

  • Product Customization - Shoppers design it their way. With a customizable user interface, a self-service admin console, and simple integration process, Artifi empowers admins to create a one-of-a-kind virtual shopping experience.

  • Customization Made Easy - Artifi Labs seamlessly integrates into any store and takes on the look and feel of a brand. No more customer confusion when the “customize” button directs them to a plain text site.

  • Access Product Customization Capabilities - Artifi Labs gives administrators full back-end access to create rules, build templates, and control product inventory.

  • Scalable Platform - Change global rules for multiple products at once, from adding products to replacing images. No matter how large companies or inventory grows, Artifi Labs keeps up with your ecommerce platform.

  • Production-Ready Output - Access the file output needed to produce customized products. After the “Submit Order” button is clicked, Artifi Labs outputs production-ready files, product spec sheets, and an XML string of product data.

Key Features

  • Production-Ready Output Files

  • Order and Design History Access

  • Save & Share Designs

  • Image, Text, & Character Restrictions

  • Print Canvas Area

  • Color Rendering

  • Customized User Interface

  • Multiple Templates

  • Rules Engine

  • Bulk Import

  • Usage Dashboard

  • 3D Preview

  • Live Pricing

  • Mobile Responsive Design

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