MSCI Climate Lab

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Climate Lab is a dashboard to visualize and analyze climate data

  1. MSCI Climate Lab provides a set of tools and dashboards that provide enhanced visualization capabilities to explore the breadth and depth of MSCI ESG Research’s climate data and scenario analysis. Users can examine climate transition and physical risk, emissions, scenario and net-zero targets data for over 10,000 companies globally. The app allows users to explore relevant climate risk and opportunities for up to six companies at one time. Choose companies and review climate performance and progress against sector peers, or by a peer set of your choosing.
  2. The world’s attitude toward climate change is rapidly evolving. What was once perceived a relatively distant concern has become an imminent and urgent threat. Many companies and investors are increasingly looking to align their business and growth objectives with the Paris Agreement and set net-zero targets. To support these goals, companies and investors are looking for consistent and robust climate data and scenario analysis tools to enable them to measure and manage transition and physical risk and identify sustainable investment opportunities. MSCI Climate Lab helps companies and institutional investors explore and interrogate climate data, scenarios and models to identify climate leaders and laggards and assess climate performance and progress.
  3. The app includes tools and dashboards to visualize, interrogate and compare climate and scenario analysis data by industry peers or a peer set of your choosing. The app helps users:

    • Measure Emissions
      • Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions (reported / estimated) and Scope 1 + 2 revenue intensity (GHG emissions by revenue)
      • Carbon emissions and energy reduction targets (between 2020 and 2030)
    • Manage Risk & Identify Opportunities
      • Compare stressed market value by various climate scenario - 1.5°C / 2°C / 3°C: exposure to physical risk, policy risk and tech opportunities
    • Scenario Analysis
      • Compare Climate Value-at-Risk under various warming scenarios 1.5°C / 2°C / 3°C

      • Explore aggregated Implied Temperature Rise with or without company targets

    • Identify Leaders & Laggards
      • Corporate environmental risk management practices
      • Low carbon transition scores - i.e. companies’ exposure to climate transition risk vs opportunities & Low carbon transition management score (and quartile within sector peers)
    • Explore Trends & Insights
      • Use the advanced search tool to enter free-text questions to run queries on our entire climate dataset and universe of 10,000 companies

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