Professional Services – Modern Workplace

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A Modern Workplace practice focusing on user experience process automation and compliance by design

​The way we work is constantly evolving. With the increasing need to work from anywhere, on any device, the ability to collaborate online and remain productive is no longer a luxury but a necessity. ​NEC take a holistic approach to the Modern Workplace that puts users first. We’re experienced in the implementation of intuitive, collaborative tools that make working together a breeze – no matter where you are. 
​Supplement these with modern, cloud-first records and information management solutions that reduce the administrative burden on your people, automate classification, and empower your records team, and you’re set up for success.
​We believe that compliance should be built in to the fabric of your business, giving you the confidence you need  to explore the extended benefits of workflow automation, low-code apps, robotic process automation and machine learning. Our team is experienced in process management and automation packages, online form development, and delivering custom app solutions.

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