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The Leading Digital Experience Management Platform

Put your employees at the heart of IT
Measure, manage and deliver world-class digital employee experience
Nexthink transforms the way people work by allowing them to focus on their jobs and their goals, rather than trying to fix their own IT problems. IT has promised so much but can too often inhibit employees’ productivity, as IT-related issues are the biggest obstacle to employee engagement. Devices are slow, applications crash, and connectivity can be patchy – and the current way of fixing these issues doesn’t work.
By providing a unique combination of real-time analytics and metrics, instant remediation, automation and employee engagement, Nexthink helps IT teams deliver on the promise of the modern digital workplace. Nexthink is the only solution to provide enterprises with a way to measure, visualize, act and engage across the entire IT ecosystem to deliver world class Digital Employee Experience (DEX), lowering IT cost and maximizing employee engagement and productivity.
Business Value:
On average, every employee loses 22 minutes a day trying to deal with IT issues. And only 50% of problems are even reported to the IT department. The Nexthink solution monitors potential IT problems, provides fixes and informs employees the problem is solved. And this all happens without any direct involvement from
the employee.

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