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Seamlessly share data between your eCommerce site and Dynamics

Nomad eCommerce is a Content & Catalog Management System and an eCommerce web solution built to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM. Nomad provides synchronized integration to the Full Suite of existing Microsoft Dynamics Solutions. While offering a “mobile-friendly” webstore, Nomad allows you to access a real-time bi-directional integration with a reliable and secure cloud-based connection to Dynamics

Nomad eCommerce provides crucial functionality for your online presence:

1. Catalog and Web Content Management
2. Seamless connectivity to Microsoft Dynamics for efficient, ongoing product data management
3. Provides powerful B2B and B2C functionality
4. 24/7 customer access to inventory availability, order status, and your customer's pricing

We understand that web orders need to be as automatic & effortless as possible by providing a highly customizable integration layer that allows for complex business operations requirements to be supported. Nomad recognizes Dynamics customers need 24/7 customer service access and unique engaging designs while leveraging proven integrations to their existing Microsoft Dynamics platform.  Go beyond traditional portals with Nomad's universal cloud-based integrated eCommerce for Dynamics ERP & CRM.

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