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Effectively Manage Electronic Healthcare Referrals With Novari eRequest

Novari eRequest is a flexible platform which uses modern technology to streamline the processing of various requests for healthcare services. The software can facilitate direct or point-to-point requests from a sender to a service site, clinic or provider. More importantly, requests can be centrally managed by the system's central intake capabilities and routed to the most appropriate and next available resource. As an example, an orthopaedic clinic using Novari eRequest may centrally manage and route all inbound requests according to the clinic's specific policies. The design of the platform recognizes that information transfer associated with each type of request can be highly variable. In healthcare, one size does not fit all. Because of this, Novari Health has structured Novari eRequest to accommodate wide variations in how different types of requests are handled as they flow through the system.


  • Complete & Appropriate Referrals
  • Load Balance Demand Across Resources
  • Know Where to Send Referrals
  • Improved Communication & Coordination
  • Know the Status of Every Referral in Real Time
  • Avoid Unnecessary Referrals
  • Better Resource Planning Data
  • Features

    Configurable for Any Type of Healthcare Service

    Novari eRequest can be configured for the specific clinical and administrative needs of an unlimited number of “referral types” or “pathways”. The information collected, routing options and workflows can be specific for each referral type. For example, the data collected, the workflow steps and the routing options for mental health referrals will, by necessity, be different than MRI requisitions or diabetes clinic referrals. The workflow steps for each referral type can range from simple to complex and be modified over time.

    Electronically Consult with Specialists

    The system’s eConsult feature (Novari eConsult™) allows primary care physicians to electronically consult with specialists. To the benefit of physicians, patients and the public treasury, eConsult functionality has proven itself effective in reducing unnecessary referrals and in reducing consult (Wait 1) wait times.

    Complete & Appropriate Referrals

    As any clinic or specialist will readily confirm, requests for services received by fax or paper are often inappropriate and/or incomplete, resulting in delayed or unnecessary visits for patients. Not only does Novari eRequest eliminate these problems, it also automates feedback to requesting providers and supports secure messaging between the parties.

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